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APD garment factory - .
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APD garment factory affiliated “A.P.D printing advertising design company limited” , was built and operated for 5 years ,since 2010 .
 Our factory is always reliable and reputable . We apply modern technology and employ skilled workers to meet the hard-demanding of customers. Time - quality - quantity, the top three factors in our production . We can produce large quantities of goods - from thousands to hundreds of thousands of products in a short time  . And of course, the quality assurance .
We guarantee  the good paperwork and the  invoice for shipping in Vietnam and exported abroad (EXW or FOB).

Contact :
A.P.D printing advertising design company limited
Tax : 0311570570  phone: +84 08 3972 2330
Hotline: +84 93 4000 769 Mr An
E-Mail:   Website: 
Address : 112 Mieu Binh Dong street , Binh Tan district , HCMc Viet nam.
APD garment factory #1 :  27 Trinh Loi street, Tan Phu district , HCMc Viet nam.
APD garment factory #2 : 153 Le Hong Phong , Phan Thiet city ,Viet nam.

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